DURMA TP9 Hidrolik Turret Punch Press

Drilling rate of 900 beats per minute, and marking speed 1800'dür. Stroke and stroke position, the control unit can be set with the desired conditions.

With dynamic design;
96m/dak the X-axis.
75m/dak Y axis.
X / Y-joint 121 m / min. can reach speeds.
10m/dak2 high acceleration levels. (1g) is.

High-quality form
• At the end of stroke can be given and opportunity to form a high quality with adjustable delay time
• Precision adjustable stroke length by twisting a small possibility of forming and
• close to the speed required, drilling, forming speed
• The program has teams in separate punching, forming speeds and rates of plate motion verebilme
• Wilson, with complete sets of wheels, not just linear, circular-shaped form, and visual design for durability verebilme {)

All-axis control with a high positioning speed
performed by the servo motors. table positioning
values ​​is + -0.1 mm, the value of repeatable accuracy
+ -0.05 Mm.

6 mm mild steel sheet
3 mm Stainless Steel
1270 mm x 2500 mm dimensions


DURMA ES Hidrolik Giyotin Makas

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears, according to modern technology, the ES-type steel produced in the source CONSTRUCTIONS. The main body and the upper cutter body, is designed to provide the highest level of cutting quality. working
with the aim of elimination, and nothing will occur during the same time, to meet the harsh operating conditions, type of box is made of. Compact and low-maintenance hydraulic unit is placed into the work table.

6 mm thick
Sheet size 3000 mm DKP
cutting ability


DURMA AD-S 30135 Hidrolik Akbant Press

S-Series provides maximum sensitivity to bending. Set the time machine minimized. Comprehensive control unit, as well as the use of a simple twist or turn, bend angle, back gauge Retract feature, with features such as the twist ratio calculations also increases the production rate of speed, and large parts while twisting to the rotation speed can be adjusted by the operator. Automatic calibration and + - 0.01 mm sensitivity twisting living, as well as the S series of strokes and large throat depth of the hair processing machines makes it unbeatable.

6 mm thick
Twisting to make the size of 3000 mm



Left jab pads mounted with the help of the machine table, the lower and upper blades 30 to move by applying the desired angle of 140 degrees allows precise adjustment and immediate way.
Automatic cut-off machine with a space setting, according to material type and thickness of the gap by setting high quality and precise cuts.
Upper and lower hydraulic cylinders with 3 pieces of 4 offers cutting precision and frequently repeated.

Cut the corner of 4 mm thick